NRK Troms: Radiointervju med meg om “Datasikkerhet på mobiltelefonen”

Datasikkerhet er i skuddet for tiden, både nasjonalt og internasjonalt. Media skriver over seg om mer eller mindre spektakulære dataangrep og -skandaler. Sist ut var Dagens Næringsliv som på forsiden av papiravisen skrev: “Facebook kan se meldingene dine” – noe […]

Facebook strammer grepet om dine persondata

Facebook kan se tekstmeldingene dine. Det skriver Dagens Næringsliv på sin førsteside i dag med bakgrunn i at nye brukervilkår hos Facebook blottlegger din PC og telefon. “Facebook skryter av nye personvernverktøy, men følger deg overalt på nettet og krever […]

President Obama Writes His First Line of Software Code

I realize I’m arriving this news rather late since it’s some weeks old, but good news never turns old. Since I hold a M.Sc. degree in software development, I found this news very compelling: President Barack Obama is being declared the […]

Happy New Cyber Security Year 2015! :-)

A new year has begun and let’s wish that 2015 will be a year with less cyber crime and data breaches than last year. OK? Well, dream on. Let’s face it; it’s going to get worse. Cyber security has quickly become […]

Invenia has Launched a New Product: Ensafer Messenger

I’m proud to say that my company Invenia has launched a new product: Ensafer Messenger. It’s a mobile app designed to give you full privacy by using modern encryption to secure your messages. We’ve been working with this for a […]

11 predictions for cyber security in 2015

Are you worried about security on the Internet? You should because a lot has happened this year, and it’s just the beginning according to experts. What about 2015? It’s tough to know what this landscape will look like in a […]

What You Need to Know About Digital Ad Fraud

A new study mentioned in the The Wall Street Journal found that 11% of online display ads and 23% of video ads aren’t actually displayed to real people. It’s estimated that advertisers could lose more than $6 billion globally to ad fraud in 2015. […]

Disclosed: How a Nation State Used Regin for Cyber Espionage

Yesterday I wrote the blog post “Wearable Tech: Improving Your Health or Killing Your Privacy?” based on a security report from Symantec. Little did I know that I would write a blog post on another security report from the same […]

Wearable Tech: Improving Your Health or Killing Your Privacy?

Your smartphone is already gathering a ton of information about you – everyday. Intentionally or not you are tracking yourself. But that’s nothing compared to what’s about to happen when you join the new wave of wearable technology for tracking […]

What is the Right Burn Rate at a Startup Company?

I’m running my startup Ensafer, and burn rate is an important issue. Then I stumbled upon a blog post from Mark Suster about what’s the right burn rate at a startup company. The answer is obviously that there is now […]