A new year has begun and let’s wish that 2015 will be a year with less cyber crime and data breaches than last year. OK? Well, dream on. Let’s face it; it’s going to get worse. Cyber security has quickly become a huge issue around the world, especially after the Edward Snowden‘s revelations.

Let me start 2015 by wishing you a happy New Year with an interesting infographic by Symantec with ten predictions for cyber security in 2015. I’ve written several blog posts about security, and my last post on this issue gave 11 other predictions. Now you have 21 predictions to read given by different experts on this issue. In addition, it’s a huge pile of predictions out there – just give it a search. Let me mention a couple of Symantec predictions I find interesting.

The first one is important to all of us:

#2: Mobile devices will become even more attractive targets.

The second one is all about you (and me):

#8: User behaviour will take centre stage as security moves beyond passwords.

Let me finish by mentioning that my company recently launched Ensafer Messenger for encrypted messages. It’s a small contribution to keep your mobile safe; at least your messages. Read my blog post for more info. And enjoy the 10 predictions in the infographic below.

Happy New Cyber Security Year!

Symantec 2015 Security Predictions