Are you worried about security on the Internet? You should because a lot has happened this year, and it’s just the beginning according to experts. What about 2015? It’s tough to know what this landscape will look like in a year, but a lot of people are giving their best guesses. I found an interesting blog post at NetworkWorld with 11 predictions for security in 2015 arranged as a slide show.

Here’s the ingress of this post:

“In the world of business, correctly seeing the future even a few months out can provide a leg up on the competition or, in the case of cyber security, on ever-present attackers. A missed guess can leave one scrambling to catch up. So, here are some predictions for 2015 on security from research firms Gartner and Forrester Research, and from Arthur W. Coviello Jr., executive chairman of RSA.”

Let me dive right into it and mention those 11 predictions:

  1. Nation states vs. private sector

  2. The rise of integrated threat intelligence

  3. More money, much more scrutiny

  4. The quest for a uniform threat language

  5. Pragmatic privacy

  6. More billions of things, more billions of risks

  7. Find the breach, botch the response

  8. Unhealthy exposure

  9. Competing on privacy

  10. The essential, more secure, mobile payment option

  11. Beware the Botnet of Things

It’s a lot of interesting stuff here, and these predictions are given by security experts – so I believe this isn’t far from what’s going to happen next year. But this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, so be ready for a stormy year.

Security Predictions

If I were to pick a couple of these predictions, which is a hard task, I would mention number 1 and 9. Nation-state cyber attacks (1) is happening a lot, and it’s threatening the whole world. On the other hand, competing on privacy (9) will become crucial to many companies – up to 50 % will view it as a competitive differentiator by the end of 2015 according to the blog post.

You can read the blog post at NetworkWorld here, and it’s an easy to read slide show with a short text summary on each slide. Go ahead and read it, and pick your couple of favorites.

I’ve written several blog posts about cyber security, and you can check them out here. I’m writing about it since my company is developing Ensafer  for Cloud encryption – with more to come.

Have a secure 2015! At least on the Internet.