For many years Invenia has been located in the city of Tromsø in norhtern part of Norway with both management and R&D. It’s been a great place and an urban city to build our company in. This is the biggest city in the north of Norway with about 70.000 inhabitans. We just love this great small city with both midnight sun in the summer, aurora in the winter – and a young and highly educated population with lot of talented people. The University of Tromsø has been very important in this regards.TromsøBut time changes, and Invenia now has it’s focus on the product Ensafer after years of combining consulting in a national market (for revenue) with developing Ensafer for a global product (with a lot of expences). We therefor decided to establish an office in Oslo to attract new talents who are difficult to find in Tromsø and prepare for internationalization of Ensafer.

On September 1st we opened our brand new office in Oslo Science Park, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. There we are a part of the technology incubator StartupLab working alongside a lot of talented entrepreneurs and startup companies.Oslo Innovation CenterThis step is a necessity as Ensafer is about to go global. We successfully managed to attract a new VP Sales & Marketing in Oslo by doing this, and he will occupy this space and head the commercialization of Ensafer. His name is Dag Tore Aam with a great experience in this area. Our R&D will still be located in Tromsø, while I as the CEO will split my time between Tromsø, Oslo and abroad with main focus on Silicon Valley in USA in the year to come.

Oslo, here we are. Tromsø, we are still there. Silicon Valley, here we come!