Can you believe it? LinkedIn now has 200 million members, and my profile was one of the top 1% most viewed for 2012. Actually, I wouldn’t have believed it – if it wasn’t for an email from LinkedIn telling me just that. It looked like this:

LinkedInWell, it’s great! Really. But I don’t feel like a celebrity because of this. Maybe I should, but let’s think it over. 200 million members is a big number. One percent is 2 million. Also quite a big number. So there are 1.999.999 other celebrities together with me. Quite a big number. So I’m quite calm.

On the other hand, my profile was one of the top 1% most viewed for 2012. Quite a small numer. So I’m quite impressed. Sort of. And this is the what showed up when I hit the “Read More” button above:

LinkedIn 2

The ting is, LinkedIn is a great service that I use a lot. One of my favorite services on the Internet. It’s all about how to “connect, learn, and find opportunity” as written above. Maybe thas’s why I’m one of the 1% of the 200 million members at LinkedIn.

BTW: Here is my LinkedIn profile: Keep connecting, learning and finding opportunities – with LinkedIn.