I spent four exciting weeks in Silicon Valley and San Francisco in May-June this year with my company Invenia and the product Ensafer. I had workspace both at Innovation House in Palo Alto and at RocketSpace in San Francisco. The latter is a successful accelerator for high-growth and seed-funded tech startups, and I really enjoyed working there these weeks.

Most of the startup companies there works with products within the mass market using social networks in some way, and the people are of course heavy users of social media for both professional og private use.

What happens in case of fire in surch a building? I’m not the right guy to tell, but the management at RocketSpace is. That’s why I found this warning poster several places inside the building.

A joke? Well, you’ll never know. These guys loves tweeting about breaking news. In any case, it is a good advice in general: Don’t tweet about a fire before you have left the building. :-)