I like infographics. A lot of people do. And I’ve written several posts on this blog containing this kind of visual content. Startups is also a huge interest of mine, and I have a lot of posts on this issue. An important part of running a startup is investor pitching. So why not combine these two interest by presenting an infographic on how to craft a killer startup investor pitch.

I stumbled upon and wanted to share the infographic below by Fortunepick that outlines the pillars of a great startup pitch. It also outlines six steps towards crafting a successful pitch.

I’ve pitched a lot, and this is a great outline on how to communicate what your startup does. There are a lot of templates and how-to out there telling you all the details, but this is a good overview on your pitch. Along with this graphic, I recommend checking out Robin Wauters’ one-sentence startup pitch outline. Enjoy.

Investor Pitch